Our goal is to have your graphic files print with no hassles, along with having the look that you envisioned.

Even if you’re a seasoned professional and are used to supplying files for print, please read this guide anyway – our process may be different than what you are used to. It’s a bit complicated setting up a file for print, and if you’ve never done it before there’s a lot you need to know. If you read this guide before you start designing, your file should print like a breeze. Please call us before you start work on anything big or complicated — it’ll save tears later.

Our designers usually join us after three or four years of study with a Degree in Graphic Design or similar experience. From there, it usually takes around 3 months with us to acquire the print process knowledge and understanding to correctly create graphic files for print. With that in mind, think about whether you need our Hand Holding service .  There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of – we check files for loads of designers every day. Whatever you decide, please read this guide in full – it’s the best way to ensure that you don’t suffer any unnecessary delays and heartache.

A note about proofing
As part of our Hand Holding service we will supply you with a color proof. The proof acts as a guide on how the finished print will look, and should be used to check placement and text.